A Stop at a Cheese Shop.

We were out climbing a hill on our holidays and on the way back we stopped at a local Cheese Pantry  in Ardersier. Forever we have seen the sign on the A96 between Inverness and Nairn pointing to it but never ever have we pulled in. until today. What a lovely we shop, stores loads and loads of unusual cheeses and oh we love a good cheese!

Cheesus look at all the cheeses

There was pasteurised, unpasteurised, goats, Bries, Blues, cheese with seeds, cheese with fruits ( my fave) and we bought some cheddar which was made there and some goats cheese. We then bought some pizza bases and created the most delicious pizzas for supper with the cheeses.

Home Made Pizza

Cooked Pizza

The room itself is called the cheese room and it’s pretty cold in there. Pretty much a fridge room so take a jumper! Next door there was a lovely we coffee shop with some fancy crackers and breadsticks for sale. Definitely will stop again.

Visit the shop Online Click here!