We had always fancied doing some of the “way/walk/trails” that we have in our area. We have the dava way, Speyside way and Moray Coastal Trail. We have done a wee part of the Dava way a few years back but these walks tend to be a bit along and then a walk back to the car.

The signs were good of a nice walk

Houpmin Beach

This time we planned ahead and drove to Lossiemouth then got a lift to Hopeman and dropped there with Malf. That way we had a nice one way 6 mile walk. The start of this walk and ¾ of the way was my ( Karen) favourite. There were some hidden coves, stacks of sandstone, sandstone quarry, fossils, a well and lots of amazing views from the coastal path that snakes along.

Here we see a sea stack

Some of the drops are deadly and there were also some spectacular overhangs which for an fear of heights person like me is scary.

The Lonely Beach

For me, once we hit the final beach walk from Covesea to Lossiemouth was boring and I would of rather turned round and walked back along the path with the views ( always more an in-land lover)

One pic must be of the lighthouse in every moray coast blog


Knowing the next area of the walk I would like to do the lossiemouth to spey bay section as that involves woods. Malf loved it! Malf however loves everything.

Malf wants more walk.

see a cool gallery of all our pics from the day here.

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Google map of Hopeman Beach car Park where we started.