This is oor first blog post aboot oor wanders,  we like a walk with the dog anywhere, beaches ,forests, or just in the toon.  Once the winter is gone and spring has sprung we like to go up the hills.


This is us.

I came across a photo of the Fyrish monument on the web and when i found out it was only an hour and a bit away decided it would be a good starter for us, being unfit after the winter of not doing much exercise. 

Fyrish Monument

Fyrish near Alness, Easter Ross, Scotland.


Fyrish Monument was built on the orders of Sir Hector Munro, 8th of Novar, a native lord of the area. It represents the Gate of Negapatam, a port in Madras, India, which General Munro took for the British in 1781.  

Oor walk started at the Fyrish trail car park see map. 

When we got to the road the car park is on, it was CLOSED with diversions signs taking us to Alness. We followed the diversions which just took us to another CLOSED sign !! Apparently the whole section is closed at the moment. So we went back and drove up the closed section. Luckily the car park was just this side of whatever is closing the road, but the signage is not very clear in this.


There is a good sized car park with a sign at the start of the trail up the hill. Our dog Malf  was desperate to get going into the woods that begin the path. Its a fairly easy wander until you cross over a small wooden brig, then it gets steep, well steep for us oot o breath unfit buggers. We had tae stop and strip off some layers and swig from the water bottle, the weather said it was only 8 degrees but the walkin uphill was a good workoot and we were soon sweating.

The path is solid with only a few muddy bits which isna too bad for this time of year. The trees soon thin out and you get a good view of the Cromarty Firth, which is usually full of oil rigs in for decommissioning or maintenance .

The Cromarty Firth

Oil Rigs in misty Cromarty Firth

Its not long after the trees have thinned that the onument comes into view. Its a very substantial bit or archtrecture. Must of been mad building it back in the day. Its very impressive and the views are great all around. Perfect for some nice photos. It was very grey when we were there but you could still see plenty. The mountains in the distance still have snow on their tops and its all very dramatic.

A view to the mountains.

Snowy mountains in the distance.

A bit windy at the top.

The Monument is great for photos.

Animated gif at Fyrish

A Monumental gif of Fyrish Monument


After a well earned dinner, its a lot faster doonhill back the way we’d come with a small easier detour along a forestry track on the way which is well signposted. The whole walk would be good for kids , dogs etc with only the bit near the bridge having any steep areas at the side of the path. even the top of the hill is pretty flat. All in all a nice walk with something different to see even if the view is gloomy, and well worth a visit.

Check out the gallery of photo’s from oor walk up to the Fyrish Monument.

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Google Map Of The Fyrish Car Park