We took a wee wander up the winding walks in Fochabers , thats winding as in winding up a clock and not winding as in kicking a football into someones chest. Anyway the winding walks or windy walks as we call them are just ootside Karens hometown village of Fochabers on the A98 to Buckie.

Parking Charges apply

Mind and take some pennies for the parking.

Map Of Walks

There are wee walks ,long walks, windy walks and a good few Mountain Bike trails too.


Warning that some of the bike trails are dangerous and should be scouted first.

We took the blue trail which would take us to the top of the hill where the monument sits. The paths are well looked after and most are old Forestry Commission tracks. Obviously its all up hill to the monument but its not got any steep parts and winds its way up hence the name.

A post

Posts mark the way by colour

A path uphill

Easy to walk on paths

A sunny path

Eve better when the sun comes out

There was a picnic table on this path at a small pond ,but the monument itself has a seat when you get there for when your getting the snacks and drinks out.

bird on monument

Bird getting a great view

The Whiteash Monument

The Whiteash Monument


The view from the top looks down to the coast and you can make out Lossie Lighthouse.

The Tinkers grave

On the walk back down we passed Ranalds Grave,wouldnt want to be up here after dark lol. A massive ant hill at the side of the path didnt appear to be active, maybe its too early for them.

A huge Ant Hill

A huge Ant Hill

We also took a wee detour along to the viewpoint on the yellow path, but its all fenced off for some reason. it has abonny view down to Fochabers itself.


Malf got a drink once we were back near the carpark at the old intake.

malf at pond

Malf is a water spaniel cross but isnt that keen on water.

The map says the blue walk takes 2 hours and its about right even for us unfit folk.

Another selfie.


The woods looking very Jurrasic imho.

We love these woods for walks and come here very often, its handy cause we can stop in past the inlaws on the way home for coffee and sometimes cakes. which Malf also likes.

Check out the gallery of photo’s from oor walk up the winding walks.

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Google map Of The windy walk car park