Inland to the historic village of Fordyce

remains of church

Remains of the old church in The Kirkyard of Fordyce.

We took a wee run to the Village if Fordyce and it was simply lovely. It is a wee village dating back to 1272! The foundations of the old church of the village go back some 1400 years to the foundation of a church which can still be found in the old kirkyard.

iron grid on door

Iron Gridwork on a door panel.


What remains today forms one of the most interesting old churchyards in North East Scotland the interwebs say.. I do love a wander round an old churchyard. Always have and I found this one lovely, half of it was sadly closed due to some huge trees having been blown over in it.

archway of church

You can just see the fallen tree through the archway


Fordyce also offers a park opposite the old kirkyard, plus Victorian garden and a nearby joiner’s workshop and visitor centre but these we closed when we were there.

walking in fordyce street

Bonny wee streets of Fordyce

Fordyce castle

Fordyce castle in all its glory

castle street fordyce

Castle street so named because of the castle. They didna think too hard back in the day.

We were able to visit the garden which led to a woodland walk with a stream. We wandered the lovely narrow streets, lovely houses and cottages complete with gardens overflowing with amazing flowers.

a sundial

The sundial in the Jubilee garden In Fordyce

We found a Jubilee Garden with a bench and sat there to enjoy some fruit. If you want to pass some time in a quiet and very beautiful village, then Fordyce really is worth a look.

The map of Fordyce.